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Homemade Haircuts – Is it doable?

Last night, I stood in the mirror and checked out my frizzy dull brown hair and thought, “if I only could get great hair…then everything in my life would be magically fixed.”

Seriously though, there’s something about people and their hair that causes them to put copious amounts of money, time and energy into getting the perfect haircut, dye job, stylist, salon, etc.

And somehow, because it’s our hair, we never think of cutting the costs. Sure, we’ll buy generic toilet paper or take the bus to work to save money on parking, but cancel our $150 cut and dye appointment? Never!

So yesterday, as I stood in the mirror and shamefully started scheming how to afford a truly magnificent hairdo, I suddenly realized this would be a perfect Cheaperest post!

Is it possible to minimize, or completely do away with, all spendings related to my hair?

To figure out how much I spent on my hair, I figured out that I get a haircut every 2 months. At full price, that’s $40/haircut(Obviously, being the Cheaperest gal that I am, I never pay full price…but for the sake of math, let’s say I do). So we’re talking $240 a year, for haircuts. Then, let’s calculate hair-dye. Let’s say you’re a roots-friendly kind of person, and you only dye your hair every three months (Yikes, those are some BAD roots!), and for the sake of single-process color ladies, we’ll average the cost to be $85/per visit. That’s $340 a year. Now we’re at $580. Let’s add in some tips. If you’re a jerk, you’re tipping 10% ($58) but if you’re like most salon-going ladies, you’re tipping 20% ($116). For the sake of our calculations, we’ll say your tipping total for the year is $87 (a solid 15%), which leaves you at $667 for your yearly cost of getting your hair done.

Now, I decided to realistically figure out how many days of the year my hair actually looks good (i.e. is styled or worn down)…hmm…maybe 24 days out of the year? (remember I work from home, so my hair’s default setting is clipped up and dirty. You may work in a ritzy office and do your hair every single day. In that case, this equation is going to be a lot kinder to you.

So, my 24 days of moderately-good-looking-hair is costing me $667. That’s almost $30/day. And I’m not even talking a professional blow-out or french twist scenario. I’m talking me with my flat iron, trying to maintain some dignity!

So enough about the problem – here’s the Cheaperest solution:


Yes, I’m being serious. Unless you are actually working in a job that requires devilishly stylish hair every single day, you probably don’t need all of the hair treatments that you’re getting.

For starters, invest in a good trimmer and start cutting your husbands hair. It’s really not that difficult and nothing that a few google searches can’t help you with.

Then, if you’re still not ready for the giant leap of all-out-home-hair, decide what’s more important to you – perfectly chopped locks or dazzling color? Let’s say you’re pretty commited to getting a bob from your chic stylist…then do your dye job at home. You can buy salon-quality color at a beauty supply store. More importantly, if you do a strand test at home, you’re going to have more control over your results than you would at a salon. (CHEAPEREST alternative – save $$ by learning to love your natural haircolor)

If you love the hues you’re getting done professionally, then pick a haircut that is easy to maintain (skip bangs) and learn how to cut your own hair. Or even better, find a scissor happy buddy and give each other haircuts.

Before you know it, you’re gonna have a fat wallet and fabulous hair.



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