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The Groupon Dilemma

I remember finding out about Groupon in 2008 from a girl that I worked with. None of my friends had heard of it, and they all thought I was a genius for finding a way to save 50% off of haircuts, dinners out, etc. Since then, the Groupon craze has taken over the nation (even the world) and there’s Living Social, Buywithme, Dealfind, Dailydeals, and a host of other Groupon-like services.

The groupon-craze is still going strong, but I notice that I’ve been buying less and less of these deals. Here’s why:

To me, Groupons have become a False Saving. I define False Saving as something that looks live a deal, acts like a deal but it doesn’t actually leave more $$ in your bank account.

Groupon is still an awesome concept. But just like Communism, Nair and plenty of other awesome concepts, the implemenation is not so hot.

For now, I mostly buy Groupons when they run their “Refer a Friend, Get $30″ Special.

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