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Sep 29, 2011 - CheaperestFood    1 Comment

Extra Fluffy Banana Pancakes! A Cheaperest Bonanza!

We’re both getting a little sick of cereal (which isn’t really that cheap if you’re buying healthy, fiber-full cereal and soy milk like we are!) so we decided to spice things up a little this week.
Enter the Extra Fluffy Banana Pancake!

****Cheaperest find alert***** we found the most amazing mix at Walmart (it kills me to compliment Walmart but in this case, I have to). It’s called Extra Fluffy Pancakes, but it also comes in Blueberry and Buttermilk…and it costs $1.47! No lie. And that’s your total cost, because you only have to add water and Bam! you have 15 servings of Extra Fluffy Pancakes. Now, head to the produce aisle and pick up two bananas ($0.25) and you have a weeks worth of deliciousness for breakfast, for two people.
If you have some spare chocolate, walnuts or coconut lying around, chuck them in! This is a great way to use up bits of spare ingredients!

I’m sure a lot of you have already experienced the mind-blowing wonderfulness that is Banana Pancakes, but this is truly a Cheaperest deal. #1: It’s Cheap #2: It’s Easy #3: It’s a very small Time Investment #4: It’s a Quality experience.

Sep 27, 2011 - CheaperestFood    1 Comment

Lunch for Under $2!

$2 Enchiladas

The average American spends $8 a day on their lunch. That’s $40 for one work week (or your internet bill, a tank of gas, two dinners out) or $160 a month (just counting M-F). A lot of people assume that if they want to be healthy and feel satisfied after every meal, they can’t put a price limit on their food. WRONG.

Food can be your biggest expense…or your biggest savings.

In our house, we both have full time jobs. And we both feel the temptation every day to just go “grab some lunch.” We see our friends and co-workers eating at a different restaurant every day, and it definitely inspires a little jealousy. But here’s the thing – we don’t want $160 a month (EACH) just on lunch. There’s a lot of other really cool stuff we could do with that money.

So I bet myself that I could make us lunches for under $2. The lunches couldn’t be terribly unhealthy (i.e. poptarts) and they had to be satisfying. But keep in mind that when you’re getting a burrito or a sandwich, there’s not that much healthy food in there…yes, even if you order a few pieces of lettuce. On top of that, you don’t have any say about what goes into your food. Often, there’s a lot of hidden ingredients (I.e. butter, oil, animal fat) that you’re completely unaware of. The nice thing about cooking in your kitchen = your rules.

So this week we made Cheese Enchiladas with Mexican Rice. I tend to make a lot of meat-free items because let’s be honest – we’re sitting at our computers all day, not running marathons. We don’t need huge portions of protein, just enough food to keep us until dinner.

Price Breakdown for Cheese Enchiladas with Mexican Rice:

Red Enchilada Sauce (from Target) $0.89 X 2 jars = $1.78

Pack of 8 tortillas (from your local grocery store) $2.99

Shredded Cheese (from your local grocery store) $2.50

Spanish Rice (Rice-a-Roni style boxes on the Ethnic food aisle) $1.39 x 2 boxes = $2.88

1 large can of Diced Tomatoes (to mix into the rice) $1.19

This made us 7 big servings of Enchiladas and Rice. Total cost = $11.34.


*****If you want to make this even cheaper, cook your own Spanish rice.*******

******If you’re going to add Chicken or Beef to the enchiladas, add about $0.75/day******

The best thing about these enchiladas is they’re freaking delicious! Way better than plenty of Mexican restaurants I’ve eaten at, and a tiny fraction of the calories. There’s plenty of ways to spice these up too — try a green pepper and olive filling, or go wild and stuff some grilled tofu in there. You can sprinkle sliced olives on top, or put a dollop of sour cream I put a little bit of Sazon on the spanish rice and it added a nice kick.

Are there ways to make this cheaper? Any killer add-on ingredient?