Who are we? We’re a young couple living in Boston interested in saving money any way possible.

The world is a financially confusing place. If you’re like us, you have student loans, car insurance and bills to pay. You’re trying to understand all those little numbers on your credit card statement while also trying to figure out the cheapest place to get some Chinese take-out on a Sunday night. There’s more to saving money than low prices…it’s a lifestyle and a means by which you can evaluate what’s actually a necessity for your life.

There’s a lot of blogs out there about saving money, but it seems like most of them offer up ways that are Cash-Cheap but Time-Expensive. We understand that time is a commodity too, so we’re looking for ways to save money that actually make sense.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have,  how much money you spend or how much money you want to save –> if you’re interested in ways to reduce costs and realize savings, this is the blog for you.

And no, that annoying couple to the left is not actually us (our hair isn’t as nice but our cash jars are way more full).