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May 12, 2013 - CheaperestFinance    1 Comment

Sometimes simply asking to lower bill payment does the trick

I know this is going to be a similar type of post to the one I wrote few years ago about Comcast and T-mobile, but did you know you can save $120 a year by simply asking for a discount for your Dish Network subscription?

My parents have been subscribers to Dish for a couple years now. They have been happy with them most of the time, with sporadic exceptions when the weather was pretty bad, which made the receiver lose signal once in a while—how annoying it must be! As based on my experience from T-mobile and Comcast, and luck thus far, I wondered if it would be possible to shave off couple bucks off of their bill.

To do that, I went on live chat on their website, and asked to be transferred to the retention department. I politely asked if they could offer me some sort of discount given my parents have been with them for a couple years. Immediately upon typing my question, the rep offered me a $10/month credit for the next 12 months without renewing contract with them.

This is a total of $120 annual savings which took me literary less than 10 minutes to get! And I did that by asking to lower the bill!

I think the key to get this type of discounts is to pay the bill on time and be polite. It worked for me, so I hope it will work for one of you, too!