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Sep 26, 2011 - CheaperestFinance    No Comments

Save $180 in 20 Minutes

There’s a lot of speculation out there about ways to save money on your cable and internet bill. Anytime you’re dealing with a company like Comcast or Verizon, you know there’s a host of deals and coupons on the table that you have to figure out how to access. That can be the tricky part, and often people end up paying upwards of $100 for their cable and internet.

If you find yourself with twenty minutes to spare, here’s what we did, that saved us $180 (over a six month timeframe).

We currently have Comcast Premium Wireless. For the first six months, we paid $35 for it. After the six month promotional period expired, the bill went up to $60/month. $60+ was pretty much a 100%+ difference which neither one of us was too happy about.

As a result, we decided to cancel our service under her name, and sign up under mine, thus getting same 6 month promo period. To do that, my girlfriend called Comcast to cancel service with them and scheduled a date for the following week.

Right after her phone call, I called them to sign up for the new service so it would start one day after her scheduled ‘cancellation date’ to minimize our Internet interruption.

Surprisingly enough, a few days after her phone call, a Comcast rep called back to “see why she had cancelled.” My girlfriend explained about the 100% increase, and mentioned that Verizon was offering a $24.99/month deal for the same internet (not exactly true…but it worked!) The rep offered to extend the 6 month promotional period of $29.99 if she were to stay with them, which she accepted. I then called Comcast and cancelled my scheduled appointment for installation.

All these phone calls took us about twenty minutes total, and it will save us $180 over six months. That $30 a month could be a dinner out, a tank of gas or a month of lunches!

In the future (6 months from now), we will follow the same steps to save on the Internet. Even if the rep hadn’t called my girlfriend back to retain her as a customer, we will still be better off simply switching names every 6 months to continue receiving our discounted price on the Internet.

Anytime you see a competitor coupon offering cheaper internet or cable (even if it’s only for new customers or for slower internet) you can call your cable/internet provider and ask for a similar deal.

Here’s another interesting post about this same idea at My Money Blog.

Remember, there’s no harm in asking, and when in doubt, ask to cancel! You can always undo it later.